Bir Sayfa Seçin


ASIR PROJE Restorasyon Mimarlık was founded in Ankara by the Architect Hasan Fevzi Çügen and M.Sc. Architect Mehmet Emin YILMAZ in 2007.The foundation aim of ASIR PROJE is to give a commitment in architectural and engineering project services and construction.

Our main goal as ASIR PROJE is to produce projects with an aim to enable these works to survive for long years and to be transferred to the next generations by conducting scientific projects regarding the aim of protecting our cultural heritage, which has reached our day by surviving and which we have to hand down to the future generations.

The projects of documentation (surveying) restitution, rebuilding (reconstruction) and repair (restoration) related to the protection of the historical cultural assets such as mosque, prayer room, tomb, inn, school, castle, caravansary, dwelling, Turkish bath, clock tower, laundry room, bridge and fountain, are among the ones which our firm has prepared since its foundation. We perform the projects of landscaping belonging to the areas that need protection except the single structure scale, urban design and street improvement. Among our operations, preparing merchandising projects for reusing the historical structures that lost their function as museums also takes place.

ASIR PROJE Restorasyon Mimarlık has put its signature under classic work projects like Ephesus Museum, Divriği Castle, Korkuteli Sultan Alaaddin Mosque and Suluhan.

The projects we prepare are conducted under the supervision of architects, who are expert in the field of protection, the consultancy of expert academicians together with other engineering disciplines and with technological equipment available in our organization like laser scanner, total station, digital camera and plotter.